The only instruments that can monitor as well as measure cardiac vagal tone in real-time. You can you use the NeuroScope™ to demonstrate:-
• Baseline Cardic Vagal Tone during investigation of abnormal heart rate
• Proof of withdrawal of the Cardic Vagal Tone
• Assessment of the Baroreflex arc during clinical examination
• Assessment of Brainstem function in disease and in health
Coronary Care

Chest pain is a common presentation of heart attacks, but is also a symptom of many other conditions including simple heart-burns. Another sign of heart attack is abnormally slow heart rate, which can also be caused by changes within the brainstem, what is called supraventricular bradycardia. These can all be resolved by using the NeuroScope™ to confirm the severe vagal withdrawal only seen in heart attacks. The NeuroScope™ can also be used to monitor a patient who is recovering from heart attack, since such recovery is mirrored by the recovery of cardiac vagal tone. 

The NeuroScope™ is therefore ideal for the screening of patients with coronary complaints in a community based practice, as it is simple to use and data can be stored for later analysis by specialist cardiologist.

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