The only instruments that can monitor as well as measure cardiac vagal tone in real-time. You can you use the NeuroScope™ to demonstrate:-
• Baseline Cardic Vagal Tone during investigation of abnormal heart rate
• Proof of withdrawal of the Cardic Vagal Tone
• Assessment of the Baroreflex arc during clinical examination
• Assessment of Brainstem function in disease and in health
There is reduction of cardiac vagal tone, which is associated with sudden deaths in diabetic patients. The NeuroScope™ can be used for serial assessment of diabetic patients for early detection of autonomic neuropathy. Insulin-induced hypoglycaemia causes sudden changes in cardiac vagal tone. Some diabetic patients with autonomic neuropathy have no hypoglycaemia awareness and yet they take insulin regularly leading to frequent comas. 

A miniaturised NeuroSCope™ fitted with an appropriate alarm could be used by these patients as early warning signs to avoid hypoglycaemic coma.

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