The only instruments that can monitor as well as measure cardiac vagal tone in real-time. You can you use the NeuroScope™ to demonstrate:-
• Baseline Cardic Vagal Tone during investigation of abnormal heart rate
• Proof of withdrawal of the Cardic Vagal Tone
• Assessment of the Baroreflex arc during clinical examination
• Assessment of Brainstem function in disease and in health
The NeuroScope™ is used in routine examination of the autonomic nervous system. The cardiac vagal tone measured by the NeuroScope™ is part of the parasympathetic system of the autonomic nervous system. During clinical investigation of epilepsy, sleep deprivation is commonly used to try and induce epileptiform activity in the electroencephalogram. 

There is currently no quantitative measure of sleep propensity to assess how well the patients are sleep derived. Researchers using the NeuroScope™ have recently observed large increases in the level of cardiac vagal tone in sleep deprived patients and have recommended it as a quantitative measure of sleep propensity. The NeuroScope™ can therefore be used to assess sleep propensity during clinical investigation of sleep disorders. There are sudden and extreme changes in the level of cardiac vagal tone in tonic clonic or generalised epileptic seizures. Such autonomic changes are suspected to be the cause of sudden deaths in epilepsy. The NeuroScope™ is being used as a non-invasive brain stem probe to assess the vulnerability of various epileptic patients to brain stem seizures. There is currently no such probe in the market and doctors rely on speculations.


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