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 • Only instrument that quantifies the output of arterial baroreceptors
 • Only off-the-shelf medical instrument for brainstem autonomic function
 • The NeuroScope™ is now a text book method fore the diagnosis of Rett     Syndrome

The Rett Syndrome Association UK and Medifit Instruments Ltd have teamed up to offer parents, clinicians and carers information on Rett syndrome. Rett Syndrome Association UK is a national charity which provides information, friendship, advice and support to anyone involved with a child or adult who has Rett syndrome.
This website based resource will give important information on the latest development on the diagnosis and treatment of Rett syndrome. Until

now, it has been difficult to monitor brainstem parasympathetic activity in real-time. Medifit Instruments Ltd has now developed the NeuroScope™ Model 300BA which gathers information from the brainstem continuously and non-invasively. These include the activity of the vagus nerve, which represents brainstem parasympathetic activity.

The NeuroScope™ Model 300BA allows measurements to be taken without any discomfort to the Rett Patient as it is non-invasive. We are confident that this new method will help clinicians in diagnosing abnormal breathing patterns and other conditions found in patients with Rett syndrome.

We are grateful to the RETT ASSOCIATION UK for their grant towards the cost of developing the Rett resource website.

Julu, P.O.O (2001). The central autonomic disturbance in Rett syndrome. In: Kerr, A. and Witt Engerstrom, I (eds) Rett Disorder and the Developing Brain. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp132-181.
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