With our real-time VitalCare© Network EPR solutions, your organisation can be assured that their investment will be realised. The NeuroScope™ series performs numerous tests and functions that are billable by your organisation.
  Continuous monitoring of integrated, time-locked and date-stamped vital signs data in the following departments:
  1. Intensive Care Unit
  2. Labour Ward
  3. Neonatal Unit
  4. Accident and Emergency Department

Telemedicine with full Video Conferencing Facility

  1. Real-Time Intranet Consultation in the Local Network
  2. Real-Time International consultation in the Internet

Remote gathering and Archival of Records


Our database will collect all primary data obtained in real-time from all vital signs monitors, video/audio and digital images either created by hospital equipments or scanned in for storages. The database is then web-enabled for real-time viewing of vital signs and any scanned images by authourised personnel.

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