The only instruments that can monitor as well as measure cardiac vagal tone in real-time. You can you use the NeuroScope™ to demonstrate:-
• Baseline Cardic Vagal Tone during investigation of abnormal heart rate
• Proof of withdrawal of the Cardic Vagal Tone
• Assessment of the Baroreflex arc during clinical examination
• Assessment of Brainstem function in disease and in health

Toxicology and WMD Countermeasures

Organophosphates used in farming and pest control and nerve gases used in warfare, poison the body's mechanism of removing excess chemicals used in nerve-tissue communications. These special body chemicals are referred to as neurotransmitters. Acetylcholine is used to generate cardiac vagal tone and is particularly affected by organophosphates and nerve gases. Accumulation of acetylcholine due to organophosphate or nerve gas poisoning increases cardiac vagal tone to very high levels. 

The NeuroScope™ can be used to quantify the effects of these poisons and to monitor the recovery from them in real-time. This will provide for the first time, a technology for real-time monitoring of human responses to the toxic agents mentioned above in the field or in the sites of operation.

Since our technology has network capability using both wired and wireless LAN, it can also be used for information gathering regarding chemical attacks and also for telemedicine among field hospitals, base camps and command posts within a secure network

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