The only instruments that can monitor as well as measure cardiac vagal tone in real-time. You can you use the NeuroScope™ to demonstrate:-
• Baseline Cardic Vagal Tone during investigation of abnormal heart rate
• Proof of withdrawal of the Cardic Vagal Tone
• Assessment of the Baroreflex arc during clinical examination
• Assessment of Brainstem function in disease and in health
Veterinary Cardiology

The NeuroScope™ can be used in routine veterinary cardiology to diagnose the causes of arrhythmias especially in dogs where respiratory sinus arrhythmias easily recognised by the NeuroScope™ may be severe enough to be mistaken for second or third degree cardiac blocks.
The NeuroScope™ is very useful for determining the cardiac response in dogs with heart failures. 

The lower the level of cardiac vagal tone, the lower the cardiac reserve and therefore the less tolerant the dog is to exercise. This provides useful information for advising the pet owners to what extent they must exercise their pets with cardiac failure

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