We have developed a world beating platform where all vital signs can be networked through our innovative system for the 21st century in which different machines irrespective of their manufacturers can be connected to provide a more centralised management. The vital signs collected are then stored into a single encrypted database.

About Medifit

Medifit Instruments Limited is a company engaged in the development and supply of cutting edge, innovative e-health medical solutions. Our goal is to introduce medical personnel and other health professionals to a new concept of browser-based, hardware independent means of collecting, integrating and viewing medical data and vital signs in real-time. We believe that the company is well placed technologically to help deliver the integrated clinical records services in accordance with the UK government’s new strategy “National Programme for IT in the NHS”

We have developed through our Central Medical Processor a complete monitoring system of patient’s vital signs, which effectively turns the patient into a living bulletin board. The NeuroScope™ series is a powerful tool for synchronising unlimited multiple vital signs; for example heart rate, ECG, breathing movements, blood pressure, oxygen saturation in blood, partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood, all time-locked on a single monitor screen while storing them on-line for later analysis using our Information Technology Compatible Medical Data (ITCMD©) software technology.

The NeuroScope™ is, the first machine in the world for monitoring and measuring cardiac vagal tone in real-time. The NeuroScope™ gives a numerical value of cardiac vagal tone that has been scientifically validated. The output of the NeuroScope™, the numeric value of cardiac vagal tone in real-time, added to the above listed vital signs can be time-locked on a single monitor screen using our ITCMD© software technology. This facilitates the interpretation of causal relationships between the many vital signs, often of vital significance in emergency situations.

The data collected can then be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet through an encrypted secure shell technology. Data will be stored in our unique database in a respository and can be accessed by authourised personnel only. It will enable remote users for the first time to observe medical data of vital signs in real-time. Our ITCMD© software technology will also facilitate the monitoring of mobile patients, for example in passenger aircraft or in ambulances, by stationary remote personnel on the ground in various centres of excellence.

Since the company's incorporation in 2000, its e-health medical solutions have won the Intel Award for Technological Innovation, European Business Innovation Centre, Merit Award and the DTI Innovation Award.

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