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Investigation of Rett syndrome (what medical experts look for in the patient)

Developmental landmarks: Head circumference and growth progress in general

Nutritional markers: weight and height.

Musculo-skeletal status: Muscle tone, supine posture for scoliosis and joint contractures.

Movements: gross motor function, involuntary movements (hand stereotype, tremor, dystonia, chorea and athetosis), and voluntary hand use.

Mental and cortical functions: intellectual disability, speech and epilepsy.

Brainstem and autonomic functions: disturbed awake breathing rhythm, poor peripheral circulation at   extremities (blue or cold feet), mood disturbance and sleep disturbance and oro-motor difficulty.
Julu, P.O.O (2001). The central autonomic disturbance in Rett syndrome. In: Kerr, A. and Witt Engerstrom, I (eds) Rett Disorder and the Developing Brain. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp132-181.
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