The NeuroScope™ series have already won the European Business Innovation Centre merit award, Intel Award for Technological Innovation and the Department of Trade & Industry, Innovation Award Winner


MediWeb© software

MediWeb© is our internet gateway software specially developed to provide internet access into and from our database. We have incorporated several modules into the MediWeb software to provide a comprehensive solution. The modules currently incorporated into the MediWeb software are:-

• ITCMD© is a technology for transforming vital signs collected by different OEMs   equipment into compatible formats ready for our database and subsequent   networking. This means that hospitals do not have to change hardware for   collecting or monitoring vital signs. There are many other advantages inbuilt into   this technology.

• MediTV© is our unique Tele-Medicine package that allows access to the patient   database and it can handle multi-party video conferences and electronic   prescription note pads to facilitate remote consultation and prescription through   the internet in real-time. All these technologies form an integrated encrypted   system for the hospital network of the 21st century.


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