What does the NeuroScope™ actually measure in the body?

The NeuroScope™ measures the extent of the restraint on the heart applied by the brain. The technical word for this is "Cardiac Vagal Tone". It is called vagal tone because the restraint comes in the form of continuous (or tonic) nervous impulses through a nerve, the vagal nerve. The word cardiac' is an adjective referring to the heart and it is derived from the Greek word "kardia" which means the heart. The NeuroScope™ displays the extent of this brain restraint on the heart, or cardiac vagal tone using a validated linear scale on a monitor screen. The linear scale makes it easy to compare the degree of restraint, or vagal tone, applied to the heart in various individuals or in the same individual at different times.

Test Performed by the NeuroScope™ in Real-Time

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