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Apr 4, 2007

Medfit Medifit Instruments Limited, the world leading company in the measurement of Cardiac Vagal Tone and non-invasive Brainstem Assessment, Presents the " One Stop Cardio-Vascular Monitoring " solution for Veterinary Surgeons.
Oct 9, 2006

Medfit announces the successful installation of a second NeuroScopeT for gastroenterology research at Hope Hospital, Salford
Sep 15, 2004

NeuroScopeT leads the way in understanding disease mechanism in Autism
Aug 27, 2004

Medifit Instruments Ltd brings 21st Century Tele-monitoring to Gulu Independent Hospital in Northern Uganda

July 23, 2004

The children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia buys the NeuroScope™ system for innovative research into the Central Autonomic System Function

May 29, 2000

The NeuroScope™ system was used by scientist to discover that sheep dips
damages brain at low levels

Medifit Instruments Ltd brings 21st Century
Tele-monitoring to Gulu Independent Hospital in
Northern Uganda

- August 27, 2004

Gulu Independent Hospital in Northern Uganda has recently purchased the NeuroScope™ Model 300CR and the complete VitalCare© Network suite. This has revolutionised patient care in this part of the country where rebel insurgency has disrupted and destroyed most modern infrastructure. Northern Uganda as in most part of the developing world has limited access to well trained doctors and hospitals with modern equipments. Medical specialists are normally only to be found in the big cities or abroad, the local population are therefore denied access to medical expertise. Mr. Robin Odong the director of Gulu Independent hospital had the foresight to recognise this anomaly and decided to invest in the NeuroScope™ 300CR and our VitalCare© Network solution with spectacular results. Since our technology monitors, records and stores most vital signs in real-time, continuously and simultaneously for an indefinite period. These vital signs data are then stored into a single database accessible by any computer in the world via the internet through an encrypted secure shell technology. Specialists in the city or abroad are then able to access the patient's vital signs and give appropriate diagnoses back to the local Doctors at Gulu Independent Hospital. This has dramatically improved patient care in this part of the country since expert opinion is only a mouse click away.

Please contact us to find out how the NeuroScope™ series and our VitalCare© Network solution can solve your remote Tele-monitoring needs.

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