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 • Only instrument that quantifies the output of arterial baroreceptors
 • Only off-the-shelf medical instrument for brainstem autonomic function
 • The NeuroScope™ is now a text book method fore the diagnosis of Rett     Syndrome

A special role of the NeuroScope™ in the clinical management of Rett syndrome

Our award winning machine, the NeuroScope™, was used to characterise the dysfunctions of the brainstem in Rett syndrome. Brainstem dysfunctions in Rett syndrome is life-threatening and come in the form of severe breathing disorders, swallowing difficulty, sleep disturbance, agitation, and can in many ways resemble epileptic fits that do not seem to respond to anti-epileptic drugs. This can cause many worries to parents and carers and indeed can cause apprehension to the doctors taking care of such patients. Fortunately the NeuroScope™ can detect the brainstem dysfunctions and guide the doctor in the clinical management of such a difficult patient. MediFit Instruments has asked one the leading experts in the brainstem abnormalities in Rett syndrome, Dr Peter Julu, to give very brief descriptions with visual examples of the various life-threatening dysfunctions in Rett syndrome and to show how the NeuroScope™ can help in the clinical management of such cases with so many variable medical consequences.

Julu, P.O.O (2001). The central autonomic disturbance in Rett syndrome. In: Kerr, A. and Witt Engerstrom, I (eds) Rett Disorder and the Developing Brain. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp132-181.
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