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VitalCare© Network

We have developed the VitalCare© Network initially for the collection of patient's vital signs in real-time, storing the vital signs into a database and then networking of the database for sharing of information. The VitalCare© Network has now been expanded to include BLOBS, such as video/audio during conferencing or video telemetry in a hospital environment. The BLOBS will include MRI, X-Rays and all other digital images either created by hospital equipments or scanned in for storage. The VitalCare© Network enables the remote real-time viewing of vital signs from patients with video conferencing and electronic patient prescription pads for clinicians and carers. Our database forms the backbone of the network and will provide a complete and integrated solution for all your organisations vital signs and BLOBS storage problems.

The VitalCare© Network also includes Department Sensitive Patient Headers (DSPH), to hold all other patient information that can be integrated with the vital signs and BLOBS. The Department Sensitive Patient Headers is used for each individual record and forms the basis for information governance, analysis and reporting. It can be integrated to hold information about the National Service Frameworks (NSFs).

• Database for Hospital or Multi-Unit Level

• Database for Strategic Health Authority Level



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